3 Thing Game 2017 Entry

Every year the University Of Hull’s Computer Science department host a game where teams get assigned three random words and then have to create a game around those words. This year team Error 303 (a holdover name from our first year) created Mine of Aether, which Kristian has made available here.

Mine of Aether 1  Mine of Aether 2

Why Mine of Ather? The three words we got were: miner, ethereal, and caution. Since the point of the contest is to base the game around the words the overall concept was as follows: you play as a miner navigating his way through tunnels in an attempt to find jewels (or treasure chests in this case), all the while avoiding the enemies present in the mines and using the temporary ghost mode to reach areas that would be otherwise inaccessible.

The entire thing was created in Unity, which, thankfully, the other members of the team have far more experience with, and, miraculously, has its own kind of source-control mechanism so you can work across machines.

Unlike our usual 3 Thing Game performance where we stay up most of the night and get too tired to make much progress at about 8 or 9am, this year we managed to last the full 24 hours. It would be fair to say that the game still needs work and we didn’t get to put in everything we wanted, but its definitely worth a play through.


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